“The team at Lightwurx is a top notch company. I highly recommend the Lightwurx to anyone.
They go above and beyond.”
Ed Christensen, ECC Construction

Amazing Web Design

One Of The Best Marketing Decisions You Will Ever Make

We are well versed in a variety of design styles that all have one purpose:

To give you the best website possible. Having a sub par website not only loses you sales, it generates less leads, and reflects poorly on your company and work.

For years our company tagline has been “We bring designs to light” and that is what we are here to do for you. Everyone on our design team has the common goal of making our clients’ dreams come true and some. For us there is no better feeling than having someone say: “Wow, you guys have built exactly what I was envisioning!”

3 Key Fundamentals To Our Success

 Web Design

Responsive Design: Must for any website these days. Over 50% of web traffic in 2014 was on mobile devices. Responsive design allows your website to be easily and effectively viewed across all platforms; from desktops, to the smartphones, and tablets. The benefits to having a responsive website are virtually never-ending. Because the design looks great regardless of how the site is viewed, your conversion rates will go up. Another advantage of responsiveness is the positive effect it will have on your organic Google rankings.

 Web Design

Modern Design: Have you ever visited a website and thought “this website is extremely clean and professional” chances are you are looking at a website that uses the principals of modern design. Modern design focuses on attention grabbing images, straight forward text, and easy navigation. How your website interacts with your visitors will be the difference in a lead calling you, or the next guy.

 Web Design

Business: We are masters of building a strong online presence for our clients. From the design of your website to the very core of your br and it all matters when you want to bring in business. Check out the quality of work we’ve done in our portfolio and also our SEO services. Then ask yourself “What does your website say about you?”

There is no limit to what The Lightwurx can make happen for you online. Contact us today to begin building a fresh site.