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stockvault screen of an iphone110276 300x199 Mobile Website Vs. Responsive Design

This is the screen that revolutionized website design. The amount of cell phone searching is growing extremely fast.

A look at the major benefits between both a mobile platform and responsive design for your website.

Many times a week we get asked by our clients if their website will work on mobile platforms.  We are here to detail the major benefits about choosing a responsive design as opposed to a mobile site.

So what is the difference?

A responsive website is designed from the ground up to seamlessly adapt to the users viewing device.  By leveraging CSS, one site can provide an optimal viewing experience by limiting the amount of resizing, panning and scrolling on the device, thus making the navigation of the website as easy and quick and possible.

A mobile website is created to cater specifically to h andheld devices.  The goal of the design should be simplicity, with a strong call to action on each page.  Often times, designers will leverage the content of a larger site in order to create a more slimmed down mobile version for on the go viewing.

Responsive designs are more cohesive.

One of the major benefits to having a responsive site is that you are able to have one website, with the same URL that can easily be viewed across all platforms, both desktop and mobile.  This really helps on the business end of things, meaning you only have to worry about maintaining one site.  There are also benefits on the search engine side.  Rather than having two websites to push up in the search engines you can have one site to focus all your SEO efforts on.

With a responsive design you are getting in front of the mobile community.

According to Statistics from Google’s Mobile Ads Blog show 71% of smartphone users search because of an ad they’ve seen either online or offline; 82% of smartphone users notice mobile ads, 74% of smartphone shoppers make a purchase as a result of using their smartphones to help with shopping, and 88% of those who look for local information on their smartphones take action within a day.  That being said it should go without saying there is a lot of money to be had by getting in front of the mobile market.

Responsive designs are beautiful

When you have an underst anding from the very beginning that you are looking to get a responsive site your design team can do some great work.  When talking about important aspects like action buttons, contact forms or links they can change size to be as conversion based as possible.

Simply put responsive design has already been established as a professional must.  As times goes by this will be the new st andard with all designs.  This will result in mobile dedicated platform designs becoming less and less necessary.

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 Mobile Website Vs. Responsive Design
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 Mobile Website Vs. Responsive Design

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