Did You Lock The Door When You Left Home Today?

As web designers in Utah very day when we leave our residence or our office we make sure that the door is locked and usually we check to make sure that we do no not lock ourselves out. Over the years there have been several gadgets and devices invented to remedy the situation. We used the spare key in the garage trick just in case we locked the door on our self accidentally.

However there definitely has been those times in our life where we’ve locked the door on ourselves and had to call a locksmith, break a window, etc. To avoid this we usually carry our heavy and uncomfortable key chain wherever we go. It’s clunky, takes up space and ultimately it’s had its time.

web design keys 300x199 Did You Lock The Door When You Left Home Today?

Finally the problem is solved. A device called GOJI has created a mobile app that enables you to lock or unlock your door from any place in the world. You can unlock you door automatically when approaching it or send access with supported smartphones to any friend or family at any time. And if you lost your phone you can use someone else’s phone to log into your account to gain access to unlock the door. And a real nice bonus is that if any intruders get close to your door at your house then you’re the alarm feature takes a picture and automatically sends it to your mobile. Check it out: http://www.gojiaccess.com/

Be The Purple Elephant & Get More Business With Your Signs

Have you ever shown attention to some of the shopping center billboards when you’re in your car driving? Some are small store signs and are very hard to read.

business signs design 1024x768 Be The Purple Elephant & Get More Business With Your Signs

Almost everyone passes those stores and shopping centers on the way to work but you may not stop by and buy something if you never knew this type of store was on your way or in your neighborhood. One of the reasons is this that their signs are not catching your eyes or they are so small and full of details that they are hard to read with the speed which you are driving.

Thousands of cars are passing by small and big shopping centers every day. To get people’s attention and stay in their mind and perhaps convert them to a customer is the key for any successful business. Here are a couple tips to get more attention to your signs:

  • If your store is located in the shopping center and you are able to put a small sign on the common sign board by the street. Then you need to remember to make sure the color you chose is different than the other signs and that it will stand out and get the most attention.
  • Also that the store name is as big as possible and readable because with the speed that cars are passing some of the small and crowded signs cannot be seen and read.

Design For Comfort Or Just Profit?

One of the greatest things we’ve been proud of for the past few decades in the United States is comfort. Ideally we like keeping safety, security, and convenience in mind when designing any consumer products. However recently we found a recent article very interesting:

A company is trying to design a commercial plane that forces passengers to stand up while flying. Since there will be no chairs to sit down they can save space on the plane and will ultimately make more profit. What an interesting concept. Are our lives beginning to get to a point where profit really does matter over anything else? Some interesting thoughts arise when you take a look at comfort in your life and perhaps envision those simple little luxuries being no more.

design airplane 300x206 Design For Comfort Or Just Profit?

Would you fly with this airline or no?

Things are changing and we are getting less to choose from. Just a few days ago a European airline company was trying to get into the U.S. marketplace, however I don’t believe they are going to get in.

Is profit more important than healthy competition & growth as a society?

Old Designs Make You Outdated

With the improvement of technology day after day, falling behind with an outdated website is a recipe for gradual loss of business. Data shows that average customers stay on your site only for a split second or two. And in that short period of time they make up their mind to stay and search more or leave the site.

So you be the judge of it and next time you go to a new site, put a timer on and see how long you stay when the site is uninviting, clunky and hard to navigate. All in all be honest with yourself online. Now are those converting your visitors to potential buyers?

  • Is there a call to action on every page?
  • Is your site easy to understand or difficult to navigate?
  • Are font styles and colors consistent or inconsistent?
  • Is your content outdated?
  • Is you page size designed for all devices?
  • Are you gaining new customers?

For instance sites with flash will not work with some devices. Auto play videos are annoying and causes people to leave your site immediately (generally depending on the type of site). Take a look at several competitor web sites and compare it with your site.

These are just some of the issues that will cost you greatly. Improving customer service can help boost your business. Take action and do not stay behind. For professional assistance creating a new web site please come back for more tips.

Celebrate Women, Woman Wins Design Of The Year

Congratulations to women all over! The building that won design of the year is so beautiful. We’ll post a link to an article that covers that. Even though in the course of history woman have been dismissed or kept away from so many activities all around the world somehow they have managed to gain recognition in every society regardless of religious, ethnic, and geographical locations.

Women have worked along men in work shops or in their home creating and producing many different artworks that were sold at market. From thousands of years ago weaving, painting, and tool making were among early work of women.

In the western word by about 450 B.C evidence of women working with men in workshops where both painted on the vases. Women have never stopped being challenged and have found a way to show their talent every day more and more in every industry. We need to honor our women all our the world for stepping out and showing their talent and working side by side and gaining equality; shining and showing new perspective in every aspect of our life.

Here’s an article on the design of the year.

3 Ways To Improve Your Focus On A Project

Remember when you sat down and decided this is it. We’re going to really make this thing happen. That seems so long ago now. Your staring at the computer again, not entirely sure where to go yet you have all the to-dos to get done right in front of you. You good friend greatly desire for some new neural pathways to be forged. Let’s get paving shall we?

First off being aware that you are losing focus is super important. That way you can begin to catch yourself before you fall too far down the rabbit hole. We all know it’s a slippery slope back so let’s really put our attention on knowing where we are at.

Here are 3 easy solid tips to regain/energize your focus into gear:

hammock projects focus 223x300 3 Ways To Improve Your Focus On A Project

  1. Take A Spiritual Re-organizer/Battery Re-charger Away
    Once recently I was working on a project and I had spent an entire Saturday really plowing through on it. Now I wake up typically day to day just super charged ready to hit whatever is on the slate. Very inspired usually to hit the ground running. However that’s exactly how I had woken up on that Saturday when all of a sudden I started to feel completely uninspired, bored and out of focus. It just so happened I had a friend nearby whom I relayed this strange feeling to. He then told me to just straight up go for a walk. Literally since I had been organizing things all day long working on the project my brain was craving a new mind map, dissonance if you will. Something new.

    Getting out and into the wilderness is absolutely superb for this. Go to the store. Pick up a hammock and put your mind to rest for a little while. Utah is blessed with having a wonderful variety of outdoors to recharge the batteries in. Another great thing about getting out on a vacation or simply getting out for a couple hours is that it puts your mental processes into completely different states allowing your subconscious to tackle whatever it is you are working on at a whole different angle or perspective.

  2. sidewalk focus 217x300 3 Ways To Improve Your Focus On A Project

  3. Start Accomplishing Little Mini Tasks To Build Up And Start Working Your Will Power
    A lot of the time perhaps we have trained and conditioned ourselves to lose focus. Simply enough the way to gain more energy and focus is to start building it. Magician & performer David Blaine before doing any of the stunts he would pull will begin stepping on cracks in the street one by and one and counting them off, vigilantly hitting every line swearing to himself to not miss one. Little by little he will make simple accomplishments like that to build his will up to then be able to do the insane stunts he does.

    The key here is to improve your focus day by day with a balanced approach so that your will has a supply that is continuously building upon itself. When your will is strengthened to that degree your focus will follow as a tail follows a dog.

  4. basketball 300x197 3 Ways To Improve Your Focus On A Project

  5. Get Inspired Daily From Influencers That Have Accomplished Greater Things Than You
    As human beings we have a great ability to relive others experiences. Therefore when Michael Jordan buries a three, we all can experience the feeling of being a superstar. Not only can we live these experiences and create them in our reality, we also can use them to inspire ourselves to a greater potential of who we are.

    By having top notch influencers in your life every day you are now seeing the possibilities and application of their successes in your projects and life. You will also trust that you are learning from the very best of the best in their respective fields in the world.

With that being said I will leave you all with a great quote:
“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” – Alexander Graham Bell

Has Mobile Search Changed Our Retention Of Memory?

Have you ever lost something? Pretty sure you have. Do you remember when you gave up the search to find it? What a feeling. You know where it is. Why is it not there?

Memory is a fascinating subject. Whether we are talking virtual, on-board, or specific memories. What is a memory? Is it simply an event replaying itself? Perhaps a factual concrete sort of statement in time? Maybe memory is all subjective? Whatever it is, and however you are perceiving it, it makes up a huge part of who we are and how we move forward in life.

There was a study conducted in 2011 by the University of Columbia that highlighted how more increasingly in our day and age we trust the internet to remember simple facts that we don’t “need to remember” anymore. More and more it seems our virtual memory capacity is shrinking. But is it really?

A while back I was reading a book by Napoleon Hill in which he quoted Henry Ford saying on trial: “I pay people to know that. Why do I need to fill my mind when I can hire those around me to know the facts?” After that statement the judge was flabbergasted at how ignorant of a man he was. The same man that literally revolutionized the entire world.

This had a profound effect on me as I had always been a fact stuffer as a youngster, hungry to deliver knowledge in any kind of debate that would spur up. What was really interesting to me was how well Ford networked his way to knowledge. His power reached well beyond one who memorized simple facts over long periods of time. Useful don’t get me wrong, however seemingly limited.

memory internet humans 300x225 Has Mobile Search Changed Our Retention Of Memory?

Let’s Snap Into The Matrix!

We all recall how Neo goes into the Matrix and is able to download information into his present reality. Well apparently this is really a bit closer to what’s happening with our memory. As technology continues to advance forward, so do we. Quite the adaptive species, we are turning into more of a “digital being”. A being who transcends the idea of a solitary shell. With information zooming in and out of reality at the speed of light we are no longer separate beings.

With that being said A lot of phenomenal research was done at Harvard in the 80s on transactive memory. Memory that essentially was stored in anything around us. Basically your brain is so versatile and intelligent, that it knows that by storing memory externally and by creating ties or triggers to access the information, it can then keep its storage systems at an optimal level. Essentially storing information externally anyway and where it can keeps you fresh, alert, and ready to process that information at a higher speed. At the same time it does put a bit of dependency on the external systems (what and whoever they may be) to retain the information.

Quite fascinating. On one hand we are becoming less and less intelligent. Yet on the other we are becoming extremely smart at remembering how to get the information we need at the time we need it. That is called meta memory – when you essentially know who or what has what type of information intuitively.

All in all in closure as a whole we have a huge opportunity to maximize our potential. We have the choice to let technology condition us out of intelligence or the opportunity to wield it to unimaginable heights. With that said I’ll end with a quote from Henry Ford: “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.”

7 Ways To Design For The Human Brain

There are many guides to designing out there, and there certainly is a growing fascination with the human brain. So why not take it a step further and combine the two fields to get a more comprehensive approach to how we perceive information as beings. The further we dive in, the more in tune we will get with reaching our audience in the perfect way.

design brain 300x261 7 Ways To Design For The Human Brain

How Our Brain Is Designed; How Design Reaches Our Brain

Quite the paradox eh? In the 7 ways we will cover how our primal, emotional, and rational brain perceives design and information overall. With a basic understanding of how each person experiences stimuli, the more apt you will be at being able to wield the best design for the situation.

  1. The primal part of the brain (which contains the hypothalamus) loves and craves symmetry. Especially when you have new visitors and are making a first impression. Researchers have shown that humans with more symmetrical faces are as seen as more attractive, which in turn is seen as popularity, friendliness and confidence.
  2. Using numbers in design can help psychologically to further tell a story with quantifiables as well as showcase that there is value in what you are doing whether it is 3 items left or perhaps 29 days later, it breaks words graphically and provides a symbolistic approach and access to specific areas of the brain.
  3. Design to make an everlasting impression, aim to tickle the emotions of the user by targeting their limbic system in their brain by knowing the demographic well enough that you can set up the right environment to ultimately bypass thought and target making an emotional impact on them.
  4. If it looks good, it is good! Realize that when you are designing for a high stress sort of environment/demographic that utilizing aesthetics to create a very pleasant design will enable greater effectiveness and usability transforming a high stress environment into a relaxed easier to handle workspace. (Aesthetics matter; attractive things work better.)
  5. Mirror success when designing. Great research has been put into mirror neurons and the theory that whether we are actually doing something or simply visualizing it that it is actually happening. Take advantage of this phenomenon by placing well thought out subjects in your designs, whether it’s a smiling person, active runner or donating humanitarian. Realize their actions will be observed and silently acted upon in your users mind. Here’s a great video from PBS about Mirror Neutrons.
  6. Where are we hittin em? Unconscious, Emotional or Rational level? Which way are we targeting them with? This is extremely important as when you are designing on a rational level, you may be zeroing in on opportunity or status with a certain product, event or idea. However unconsciously maybe more of an atmosphere you are creating when designing. Very important to know what angle you are coming at your users with.
  7. Using strong text with images – People absorb information 42% higher when images are associated with solid text that carries the same feeling as the image. A really nice image will go a very long way, however drive it home with the text that will add meaning to the image.

Hope you enjoyed this post and find it useful in connecting better with your audience!

8 Tips For Finding Design Inspiration In Nature

Often times we find ourselves stumped on designs or projects with no direction and no inspiration. To get over this design block we may listen to music, read books, watch movies or look at other designs. However, I ask this: “How can we draw inspiration for true originality of design if we try to draw inspiration from the limited and confined spaces of human imagination, human thought and human logic?” We can’t. We must look deeper outside of ourselves. Deeper outside of our family, culture, and dare I even say it, our species. We must look towards nature.

Great Designers See Beauty In All Things

design inspiration nature 300x218 8 Tips For Finding Design Inspiration In Nature

Here we find the complexity of the known world and cosmos, and the vastness of the unknown just waiting to inspire us. We see the formations of the true complexity of nature; the forces of creation that trump the human creativity and thought process. Here is nature, certainly a form of intelligent design through the constant dance of life. It is brutal, it is raw and it is beautiful.

Below are some helpful tips to break you out of your creative slump:

  1. Look for variety
  2. Take a simple leaf for example. Draw it out or picture it in your mind. What are you thinking of? Typical green leaf with veins in the middle and the typical leaf shape? Typical human thought process. You’re probably not thinking about any of the other thousands of other leaf variations, colors and textures. What about dead leaves or even different colored leafs during autumn?

  3. Look to multiple subject matters
  4. Don’t just take in one area of expertise to gain an understanding of what a project should look and feel like. Move outside of even where your focus is at the moment and begin to expand visually, creatively and invigorate your thoughts with new stimulus.

  5. Different perspectives
  6. Zoom in / zoom out, twist your angle as you study different elements of nature and begin to have a different lens for it all.

  7. Spice up the color
  8. Nature is chocked full of so many rich and vibrant colors screaming at you from everywhere you look. Just one look at a supernova or a dive into the Mariana trench can blow your mind with fascinating colors in creatures, environments and so forth.

  9. Look for textures
  10. Rocks, grass, dirt all have various forms and feelings associated with them. Go outside and begin to look deeply into everything around you and notice the contours, angles (rises and falls) of each thing.

  11. Play with different shapes
  12. Much like a starfish or an octopus, you can see many different shapes and sizes within the original form and figure and also all of the little details that make it up. When you are getting into your canvas or art board. Take time to make different marks and don’t be afraid to break the norm.

  13. Give it feeling
  14. In my opinion one of the most important things you can do as a designer is give feeling. It has been said before that most people most of the time remember how they felt more than anything. That being the case take some time to really put thought to how certain elements make you feel when you’re designing. Each environment in nature has a certain feeling as well and will definitely help foster some ideas to get you inspired.

  15. Combine different landscapes

What’s a great piece without a great background? Would Lord of the Rings be the same if it wasn’t shot in New Zealand? The same is said for a great design. Once you get out into an environment, feel free to combine with others you’ve been to or can envision. This will be a sure hit in diversifying your approach to designing.

Well there you have it. 8 tips to get you back connected with nature and infused to get back on the art board.

Google Is Changing The Future Again

As a company that primarily does most of our services in an online, digital medium it should come as no surprise that we love Google. But the fact of the matter is that Google deserves recognition for more than just being the largest search engine in the world. Google innovates. You may remember our excitement for the idea about Google Glass. Admittedly, we feel the technology for Google Glass needs to come along a little further before the product becomes a practical item, however the idea still sent our nerdy, technology loving imagination ablaze.

Google Is At It Again

This time around the company has released information about one of their latest and greatest projects: a self-driving car. Yup you read that right, a vehicle that is designed to autopilot itself from point A to point B. Now the idea of a car that can drive itself is nothing new, however as you can see from watching the video below Google has taken the concept further along than we have ever seen before.

Those lucky enough to have the Willy Wonka type experience of “test driving” the car seem to be enjoying themselves.

After watching the video one can only speculate how long it will take before we can see cars on the road that are driving themselves. We cannot help but wonder will people openly give up the thrill of driving to a machine? And of course there are also huge safety concerns.

Could we potentially save lives if all the vehicles on the road were able to move autonomously and independently of a human pilot? Perhaps the greatest aspect of this new car is that it will finally open up drivers to more easily participate in their favorite activity, texting.

What do you think after watching the video? Are you in favor of this idea?