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The Lightwurx handles everything for us. From the moment we started working with them, we knew we were taken care of.
They have forever found themselves within our web of business. - (Daryl Stevenett, LifeCaps)

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The Lightwurx is a Full-Scale Utah Web Design & Development Firm Based In The Salt Lake Valley

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Throughout the years our Salt Lake City web design team has had the privilege to work with individuals from almost every industry imaginable. Those experiences have provided us with devoted clients who understand that if you are looking for top-of-the-line web design in Utah, the answer is The Lightwurx. Please take a moment to look at a list of projects and companies we have worked with and continue to work with on a regular basis. We are sure you will find that visiting our project page is more exciting than a roller-coaster ride with batman.

Aspiro Adventure

A client of many years, Aspiro is one of the nation's leading wilderness therapy firms. Throughout our long standing relationship we have had the pleasure of providing engaging web design & SEO. This has resulted in a successful online direction for the company.

Aspiro Adventure
The Gooch Firm

Our team has created several websites and written loads of engaging technical content as part of this Salt Lake City attorney's marketing strategy. We also developed a very successful SEO campaign that has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for them.

The Gooch Firm

The world's survival pill, Lifecaps will soon be featured on the popular television show Shark Tank. Another one of our long-term clients, LifeCaps has put our team in charge of their entire online presence - creating a sleek new design, unbelievably stable shopping cart, and a solid SEO foundation drizzled with our marketing secret sauce.

Coaches Club Cannons

This was by far one of our most fun projects to design and work on! Coaches Club is the builder of cannons and mortars in the United States. As part of our research and development of this site our team got the opportunity to go to one of their shoots. Watching these cannons fire had quite an impact on the design of this e-commerce website.

Coaches Club Cannons
Pinnacle Medical

Our team was given the task of creating killer looking product designs for Pinnacle's entire line of dietary supplements. Take a look at how awesome this thing looks. I mean who wouldn't want to try it.

Pinnacle Medical
Logo Work

Advance is quickly becoming known as one of the best healthcare consultation firms in Utah. We had the pleasure of creating their logo, website and we are also responsible for the marketing behind their online presence. Can you tell... we love making websites!

Advance Outcomes

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Utah Web Design & Development

At The Lightwurx we believe that your website should be a tool, but even more importantly it should act as an organic representation of you and your company. We strive to have all of our projects capture the spirit of our clients. We create partnerships with our clients and work as a team to accomplish your internet goals.

The evolution and growth of your utah web design and development equates to your overall online presence; much like the creation of our solar system. It takes all the proper elements combining in just the right way to create a thriving planet. Your website should be Earth, shining with life and prosperity. Effortlessly standing out amongst all the surrounding cold planets.

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"Your eyes are the door to your soul and the road to your heart"
If Mozart Created Websites

For several years The Lightwurx has given our clients the tools they need to excel in the complex and sometimes intimidating environment of the World Wide Web. Specifically our clients have found huge amounts of success with the Utah website designs we provide. Combining an amazing website with a healthy dose of SEO and marketing can take your business or brand to new and exciting places. It is our promise to make you as happy with our Salt Lake City web design and development services as is humanly possible.

Think of it this way. If Mozart created websites, he would work with us here at The Lightwurx.